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Author Topic: Sito MS x fsx "FsInsider" e curiosità ...  (Read 7905 times)
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« on: October 16, 2006, 09:27:29 AM »

Salve a tutti,

è stato aggiornato il sito di MS relativo ad Fsx.. http://www.fsinsider.com ...

ed in più è stato inserito l'angolo sviluppatori... http://www.fsinsider.com/Community/Developers-Corner/ ... alla carica ...  :2funny: :ph34r:
quindi i blogs degli sviluppatori , postati sul sito, saranno meta di molti..

e leggete le info relative al training: http://www.fsinsider.com/About/Learning-Center-Support/Flight-Simulator-Extreme/Flight-Simulator-as-a-Training-Aid.htm

Riporto x SDK:

No matter what your interest as a developer or potential developer, you’ll need the Flight Simulator X Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK is included with the Deluxe version of Flight Simulator X, as a separate install on DVD 1. If you’re interested in developing add-ons, be sure to buy the Deluxe version!

The SDK can be used to create add-on components for Flight Simulator X. These components can be new or replacement aircraft, instrumentation, missions, scenery, terrain, airport ground vehicles, airport runways and buildings, special effects, camera views, and many other elements of the simulated world.

Some of these tasks, such as creating new aircraft, are very involved, demand a considerable amount of skill and knowledge, and are time consuming. Other tasks, though requiring patience and close attention to detail, can be completed in a few hours - such as designing and adding a simple gauge to an existing aircraft, configuring a new camera, creating a new graphical special effect, or completing a fairly simple new mission.

The SDK is divided into four main areas:
Core Utilities Kit

The Core Utilities Kit includes the new SimConnect SDK. SimConnect is the new programmer’s interface to Flight Simulator. Use of this SDK requires substantial programming skills in C, C++, or a .NET programming language such as C#.

This kit also includes information on camera system extensions and other components of the overall SDK.
Environment Kit

The Environment Kit is a large component that includes many tools and descriptions of file formats for extending the terrain and scenery in Flight Simulator.
Fires and smoke are commonly-used special effects. The Environment Kit includes the Special Effects SDK, which makes it possible to add new particle-driven graphics to scenery and aircraft.

This kit also includes tools for creating 3-D models for aircraft and scenery objects. Finally, there are tools to help create AI traffic databases.
Mission Creation Kit

The Mission Creation Kit explains how to create Flight Simulator Missions. Missions are structured flights, which can be challenges or adventures or simply a fun way to educate the user by providing tasks or training.
SimObject Creation Kit

The SimObject Creation Kit describes the file structure and formats needed to add and modify aircraft and other simulated objects (such as boats and ground vehicles, animals, and hot-air balloons). A major component of this kit explains the tools and procedures required to modify aircraft panels and gauges.


Buona lettura e downloads... :mellow:
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